What We Do

At LCS Services Office & Retail Design Consultants (LCSS), we specialise in office and retail renovation INDIA to enable the full utilisation of commercial spaces that is closely tailored to our clients’ function and daily operations. Our dedicated designers are ready and passionate to provide you with practical and aesthetical solutions to your retail and office design.

Office interior design – LCSS aims to transform office design to go beyond the laying of carpets and gathering of desk units. We want our designs for your office to serve practical purpose of improving the daily workflow such as facilitating communications, holding meetings and optimising storage.

The team at LCSS takes pride in the whole process of your office transformation from the start to the end. From legal paperwork to final touches, the team will work closely together with you for the completion of your office. If you need office interior design solutions, LCSS is your trusted Commercial Interior Design India company to go to.

Design & Build

Let us breathe life into your office & retail space through design.

Design Consultancy

Got an idea but not sure how to work it out? Trust us with your brainchild and let us actualize your dream space.

Project Management

Your business is in the hands of a capable team so just wait and see the space unfold before your eyes.

Regulation Submission

We help you to settle all tedious paperwork.

Office Essentials

We provide the best in office system furniture and customised solutions.

Soft Finishing

Allow us to furnish your office & shop with the necessities.